What Is A Wonder Woof?

A Wonder Woof is your super dog. They're the dog you dreamed of when you bought your puppy. The dog that listens, responds and does pretty much exactly what you need them to - when you need them to do it.

They're not a machine, but they are wonderful... Capes at the ready!

A Passion For Pups

It's my dream to have a world of well-trained dogs. Your dog can be one of them.

Frustration with your dog often comes with your dog when they're not being practical for your life.

The Wonder Woof Academy is your answer to that!

The Academy is built to give you all the tools you need to get through your lives together successfully.

Let's get your Wonder Woof!

Learn The Basics

Good dogs aren't born - they're trained.

So let's get training together!

Positive Training

Science has changed the dog world in the last few decades - so let's use it to our advantage!

Achieve With Feedback

Your weekly task will be set, lesson and example given, and you'll have a week to practice and upload your videos into the facebook group & get feedback!

Choose a Pricing Option